WrestleStat Team Rankings Changes?

One of the main features of my website is the ability for any wrestling fan to be able to update different pieces of information about wrestlers, for example: eligibility/class, weight, redshirt status, starter status. This has been one of the principles that I had set for the website because I wanted users/fans to feel more like they “own” it.

Because of that ability, it directly affects how the team rankings are generated. In case you’re not aware of how the team rankings work, here’s a short description: team rankings are calculated by taking the ranking value of all 10 starters, and adding them together.

So, since the starter status for a wrestler is allowed to be changed by any user/fan, that means they can DIRECTLY influence how a team gets ranked.

Here’s my problem, there are some users out there that are apparently very anti-{insert team here}, and because of that, they are purposely setting the starter for some wrestlers/teams to guys that are the worst ranked wrestler on said team. Then, when the next set of rankings comes out, those teams slide down the rankings because of those changes. That’s not fair to those teams, and it also makes the WrestleStat rankings look bad.

Fortunately for me, I have written two versions of the team rankings process, one that is ranked based on the 10 starters, and one that is ranked based on the highest ranked, non-redshirting wrestler at each weight.

This has been going on for a few weeks now, and usually someone points out “why is {insert team here} team ranked so low?”. I’d then go do some quick research (first stop is always checking who the current starters are), and quickly find out that it’s because of the exact scenario that I laid out above.

Now, I haven’t wanted to do the rankings this way, but stuff like this may be forcing my hand. The reason why I have NOT wanted to do this, is because of situations like Oklahome State. Kaid Brock is ranked around #6 right now, and his shirt has been pulled, then he gets a season-ending injury. He’s obviously not designated as the starter right now since everyone knows he’s not going to wrestle again this season, but if I’m forced to make the change to the rankings process, he WOULD be used as the 133 pound wrestler for Oklahoma State’s ranking.

The only other way to get around this, is to implement another “status” on wrestlers, something like “Is Injured”. This would be checked for each wrestler if they are/were going to be out for any extended amount of team, and then the rankings process could completely ignore them when generating the team rankings.

For an example this week, Northern Iowa had Jarrett Jensen set as the starter at 149, and Zach Witte at 157.

Team Rankings

So, here’s your chance to be heard…

3 thoughts on “WrestleStat Team Rankings Changes?”

  1. Perhaps a better vetting process for letting people adjust stats? Of the problem is if you make it too hard to contribute, people won’t.


    1. I’m not sure what you mean here. When you say “adjust the stats”, or you talking about changing the starter statuses? If that’s what you mean, I’m then assuming it’s because the screen to make those changes are too “deep” in the site (go to roster, go to wrestler profile, then go to wrestler edit screen).

      Am I understanding you correctly?


      1. Anything related to changes – starters, names, etc. Wouldn’t think you’d need to but people are clearly abusing. Maybe any change needs mod approval before it can take place? Someone makes a change, email a group of folks, any can log in and approve. That way if someone benches Bo Nickal for Kade Moss it can be caught before published.

        Makes it tougher on the mods but if you can get 4-5 people in a “aprovve change” group, it only takes one to click and approve. I’d certain volunteer.

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