New Version of WrestleStat is released!

I’m am extremely pleased to announce the release of WrestleStat 2.0! This has been a massive change to the under-the-covers of the website. I’ve been working on this since March and I’m only about 2/3 done!

Let’s get right to it…
What’s new in this release?
  1. The architecture went through a complete overhaul which has drastically increased the performance of the website
  2. Website design completely re-written to try and make me look like less of a beginner in that area. Feel free to give suggestions 🙂
  3. Prediction engine (PE) has been added. This is a cool tool which analyzes all of the games for 2 wrestlers and comes up with a score prediction. You’ll see match results (predictions) just like normal matches. This shows up on the Wrestler Comparison pages (Wrestler Comparison). You can also see team predictions from the Team Comparison pages (Team Comparison).
  4. Now that the prediction engine is in place, the Dual Rankings process has received a major overhaul as well.
    1. The old version of this process was to just take the rating of all 10 starters and add them together. Very boring and un-scientific.
    2. The new version utilizes the prediction engine exclusively! All 77 teams are pitted against each of the other 76. Of each of those matchups, the 10 starters are taken from each team, and each weight’s matchup is run through the PE. Calculate the team scores for a mock dual by adding the match scores together. Repeat this for every team and all of their opponents and you come out with their expected win/loss record. If there’s ever a tie using this scale, then the tie-breaker is determined by using the old versions ranking (from a). (Dual Rankings)
  5. 5) (Coming Soon) Data Integrity Team – I’m in the process of developing a workflow process (approval process, and todo queues) to help share some of the [data] load it takes to keep up-to-date. I have a small team of users that are helping with this stuff while they beta test the code for me. More on this in the coming months.
I hope everyone likes the new site. Thanks for visiting!

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