WrestleTrak users

Quick Background Info

WrestleTrak is the customizable portion of WrestleStat that allows for users to track a specified list of Wrestlers and Schools. It adds a section on the homepage of the site that gives a quick rundown of each school’s/wrestler’s last 5 matches, and next 5 upcoming matches.


When a user is signed in to WrestleStat and they navigate to the homepage, there’s a section at the bottom that shows the Schools and Wrestlers that a user is following. Gives a nice high-level view of what that wrestler/school has been doing.

When viewing the website homepage on a mobile phone, there’s A LOT of content to be displayed, but obviously not much viewing area. In order to see the WrestleTrak wrestlers and schools, the user needs to scroll down on the homepage to see everything.

Do users actually find this handy when viewing the site on their mobile phone? Personally, I never bother to look at this data from the homepage. If/when I want information about a particular school or wrestler, I just navigate to that wrestlers/schools page through the other links on the homepage.


Should WrestleStat hide the WrestleTrak wrestlers and schools when viewing the site from a mobile phone, to get rid of some extra content that is displayed?

Add a comment to let me know what you think about removing this…

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