WrestleStat Week 3 Rankings – 2016-2017 Season

There are big changes this week in the rankings, but not what you’re expecting.

Quite awhile ago I tried implementing a “Trending” column in the rankings showing how much a wrestler has gone up or down compared to the previous week. That first version crashed my production site, it was a poor attempt. I have finally got around to fixing this and it’s working great now.

Now, all of the wrestler ranking pages have a “Trend” column as the first column. This shows where the wrestler is compared to the previous week. It will show a green arrow and number when the wrestlers ranking is improving, and will show a red arrow and number when the wrestler is moving down the rankings.

Wrestler Rankings

Since this trending data is available now, I’ll go ahead and highlight some of the big movers at each weight.

125 – Nick Suriano of Penn State breaks into the top 33 at #31 after moving up 11 spots. The true freshman is still undefeated on the season, with his highlight win coming against #11 Connor Schram of Stanford.

133 – Kevin Devoy, JR of Drexel has made a big move up here after his big win against #5 Jered Cortez of Penn State at the Keystone Classic.

141 – Colton McCrystal from Nebraska comes in at #30 after moving up 9 spots from last week. He’s already got 14 matches under his belt this season after participating on both the Daktronics Open, and Harold Nichols Open, then adding 2 dual wins where one of them was over #6 Bryce Meredith of Wyoming.

149 – Two guys here both moved up 5 spots including #20 Jonce Blaylock of Oklahoma State after he knocked off teammate #9 Geo Martinez at the Lindenwood Open. The other mover slides in at #33 in Zac Hall of Michigan.

157 – Two big movers here but not in the same direction. First, #19 Alex Griffin moved up 6 spots, while Jake Short slid down 6 spots to end up at #15 after starting the season just 4 – 4.

165 – There’s a huge move here as Te`Shan Campbell has moved up 20 spots to come in at #18 with his highlight win coming against #11 Austin Matthews.

174 – This is where the biggest mover resides for the week. Coming in at #22 is Jacobe Smith of Oklahoma State after moving up 55 spots! He’s undefeated on the season so far at 11 – 0, with wins over #3 Jordan Rogers, his teammate (MFOR), and a pin over #10 Zac Brunson at the Lindenwood Open.

184 – No big movers here, the weight is still stacked.

197 – Our 2nd biggest mover is here where redshirt freshman Blake Rypel comes up 43 spots to finish at #30.

285 – Lastly, Nick Nevills breaks into the top 33, right at that mark, after moving up 16 spots. Nevills has gone undefeated so far this season, with his best wins to date coming over #32 Joey Goodhart, #14 Nathan Butler, and lastly over #12 Denzel Dejournette of Appalachian State.

Dual Rankings

For Dual Rankings, the “trend” column has not been added yet, but will make it’s debut next week. Until then, there don’t seem to be any real big changes here. Oklahoma State and Penn State are still sitting in a tie for 1st place, with the tie-breaker going to OSU. Ohio State, Iowa, and Missouri round out the top 5.

Tournament Rankings

Same goes for the Tournament Rankings, “Trend” column will be added next week. Big move in tournament rankings as Virginia Tech moves into #3 even though they just lost to #6 (tournament rankings) Missouri. They have more firepower than Missouri which is why they are ranked higher in tournament, despite being ranked lower in dual, (and also losing to them in their dual).


Hope you guys enjoy the new “trend” addition. Next week we’ll have that column on the dual and tournament ranking pages as well.

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