This weekends events from WrestleStat

This weekend only has 1 dual scheduled, between #65 Cal Poly and #56 West Virginia:

What people are REALLY going to be interested in, are the tournaments that are taking place, starting tomorrow (Thursday, December 29th), so I figured I’d highlight those also.

Thursday, December 29th:

Midlands Championships
Team Participants:
Wrestler Participants:

Lock Haven Classic
Team Participants:
Wrestler Participants:

Monday, January 1st:

Southern Scuffle
Team Participants:
Wrestler Participants:

WrestleStat Week 8 Rankings – 2016-2017

Not very many matches happened since last week, but Reno’s results are also included in this weeks rankings since they did not get entered early enough last week.

Wrestler Rankings:

The big mover in all of wrestling, this week, was Boo Lewallen of #2 Oklahoma State. He got his first 5 matches of his career at Reno and did it in style winning all 5 and taking the 141 crown. Those wins rocketed him up 211 spots to sit at #15 in the rankings.

Dual Rankings:

Minnesota continues it’s climb in the rankings moving up 4 more spots to stop at #6, while Iowa dropped 3 spots to close at #7 after their roster keeps getting shuffled around. NC State also dropped 7 spots to finish at #14 after Pete Renda‘s injury removes his starter status.

Tournament Rankings:

In tournament rankings, Minnesota moved up 4 spots again to finish at #7.

Hodge Watch:

Weekend Upsets with WrestleStat – Week 8 2016-2017

The Reno Tournament of Champions saw alot of the upsets this weekend, accounting for 4 of the 11.

The first, and biggest (if you aren’t an OSU fan) is Boo Lewallen of Oklahoma State got his first collegiate matches under his belt, and he did it in style, winning the 133 pound bracket at the Reno Tournament of Champions. Not a bad start to your career! The “biggest” update was the match with Bryce Meredith where he won by Dec 7 – 3. (FYI – his ranking does not reflect these matches as the Reno matches were entered AFTER the rankings process ran)

The other big upset was #38 Brandon Womack beating #6 Chandler Rogers by fall in the dual between Cornell and Oklahoma State.

Here’s a list of the remaining upsets that occurred over the weekend:

141 – #226 Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) beat #6 Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) by DEC 7 – 3

165 – #38 Brandon Womack (Cornell) beat #6 Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) by FALL 1:03

165 – #32 Seldon Wright (Old Dominion) beat #11 Brian Hamann (North Carolina State) by DEC 12 – 7

125 – #30 Noah Baughman (Cornell) beat #11 Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) by FALL 4:25

133 – #47 Colby Smith (Appalachian State) beat #12 Jaydin Eierman (Missouri) by FALL 8:30

197 – #43 Tanner Orndorff (Utah Valley) beat #12 Corey Griego (Oregon State) by DEC 8 – 4

197 – #32 JT Goodwin (Cal Poly) beat #12 Corey Griego (Oregon State) by FALL 4:30

285 – #27 Craig Scott (Cornell) beat #12 Ross Larson (Oklahoma) by DEC 9 – 7

149 – #19 Cole Mendenhall (Wyoming) beat #12 Christian Pagdilao (Arizona State) by DEC 4 – 0

149 – #29 Joseph Galasso (Cornell) beat #16 Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) by MD 11 – 3

141 – #226 Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) beat #18 Javier Gasca (Michigan State) by DEC 7 – 5

WrestleStat Week 7 Rankings – 2016-2017

NOTE: There was a bug fixed in the individual rankings process that was incorrectly calculating a wrestlers ELO rating if the wrestler was on a non-Division I roster the prior season.

Individual Rankings:

We’ve got a fresh batch of rankings this week. There were a couple of significant moves this week, mainly due to the fact of fixing the bug mentioned above.
At 133, Ali Naser of Arizona State moved up 22 spots to end up at #21.
At 141, Matt Kolodzik of Princeton moved up 40 spots to finish at #12.
At 174, Mark Hall or Penn State moved up 9 spots after he continues to roll through Division I competition with just the 1 blemish on his record.
Lastly, at heavyweight, Nick Nevills, also of Penn State, moved up 16 spots to finish at #14.

Dual Rankings:

Penn State moves up 1 spot to take the top position this week. As was mentioned in The Open Mat’s article this week, they continue to show their dominance bonusing their opponents to an undefeated record on the season.
Oklahoma State is now in the #2 position, followed by Ohio State, Iowa, and Missouri to round out the top 5.

Tournament Rankings:

Pretty surprising, but there was NO movement among teams ranked in the top 12 of the tournament rankings. Central Michigan went up 4 spots to finish at #15.

Hodge Watch:

In our Hodge Watch, it’s starting to shape into a 2 man race between Zain Retherford of Penn State, and Gabe Dean of Cornell. Further back is Kyle Snyder of Ohio State, followed by Isaiah Martinez (Illinois), and Jason Nolf of Penn State.

WrestleStat Week 7 Dual Comparisons – 2016-2017

Small slate of duals this weekend as schools are going through finals.

Two big matchups this weekend that include #1 Oklahoma State vs #12 Cornell, and then Cornell follows that up to take on #17 Oklahoma.

Here’s the rest of the duals:

12/15 #43 Utah Valley vs #24 Oregon State

12/16 #1 Oklahoma State vs #12 Cornell

12/16 #5 Ohio State vs #54 Northwestern

12/16 #56 West Virginia vs #7 Virginia Tech

12/16 #42 Ohio vs #40 Chattanooga

12/16 #35 Gardner-Webb vs #57 Kent State

12/16 #63 Bloomsburg vs #46 Lock Haven

12/17 #72 The Citadel vs #39 Northern Illinois

12/18 #17 Oklahoma vs #12 Cornell

12/18 #23 Indiana vs #59 Buffalo

12/18 #57 Kent State vs #40 Chattanooga

12/18 #61 Southern Illinois Edwardsville vs #36 Appalachian State

12/19 #21 Edinboro vs #58 Clarion

12/19 #61 Southern Illinois Edwardsville vs #41 Purdue

12/20 #3 Missouri vs #36 Appalachian State

12/20 #3 Missouri vs #57 Kent State

12/21 #32 Old Dominion vs #10 North Carolina State

12/21 #29 Virginia vs #70 George Mason

WrestleStat Week 6 Rankings – 2016-2017

Week 6 rankings are ready to go this week, and there’s a new page that has been [re]-added back, Statistical Rankings!

First, for individual rankings, the ratings are starting to get closer to evening-out, with the exception of some freshman and first year wrestlers.

Some of your big movers include Cole Martin of Wisconsin at 141 moving up 7 spots to finish at #17. From Wyoming, Cole Mendenhall moved up 10 spots to go to #21 at 149. At 157, Brian Murphy of Michigan dropped 6 spots after dropping 4 matches in the last 10 days (note, 3 of those losses came from Cliff Keen, which were not included in last weeks rankings). At 165, Anthony Valencia of Arizona State made a nice bump up by 9 spots to come in at #13. Dakota Geer of Edinboro made a nice jump by 15 spots to finish #25 at 184. Lastly, at heavyweight, Gage Hutchison (Eastern Michigan) went up 25 spots to slide into the rankings at #33.

In Dual rankings, Iowa saw their rating slide by 3 spots down to #6 after pulling Clark out of the starting lineup with his undisclosed injury. NC State moves up 5 spots to #10 despite having a loss to Nebraska over the weekend.

No big changes in the Tournament rankings this week, Iowa and Virginia Tech fell by 2 spots each finishing at #5 and #6 respectively, while Ohio State and Missouri both moved up 2 spots to finish at #3 and #4 respectively. The top stays the same this week with Penn State at #1 and Oklahoma State at #2.

And back by mediocre demand, is Statistical Rankings. Right now, there are categories for most falls, tech falls, major decisions, wins, and lastly “Match Power”. I’m only calling in match power because I couldn’t remember what it was called when I was making the page and I didn’t really want to go look it up…If you’d like to see more categories added, just let me know.

Wrestler Rankings:

Dual Rankings:

Tournament Rankings:

Hodge Watch:

Statistical Rankings:

Weekend Upsets with WrestleStat – Week 7 2016-2017

Here’s last weekend’s slate of upsets that occurred.

Minnesota had a couple upsets which helped the TEAM upset Michigan over the weekend.

Matt Kolodzik continues to show up on this report, even though we all know he’s a top 8 wrestler. Don’t worry, his ranking will get down to the correct spot eventually.

True freshman Nick Reenan of NC State got a good win under his belt knocking off Micah Barnes of Nebraska 3 – 2.

Here’s the full list of upsets:

157 – #14 Jake Short (Minnesota) beat #6 Brian Murphy (Michigan) by DEC 5 – 1

141 – #61 Matt Kolodzik (Princeton) beat #11 Randy Cruz (Lehigh) by SV-1 6 – 4

149 – #45 Alfred Bannister (Maryland) beat #11 Ken Theobold (Rutgers) by DEC 3 – 2

165 – #31 Justin Arthur (Nebraska) beat #12 Brian Hamann (North Carolina State) by DEC 9 – 3

174 – #27 Ryan Preisch (Lehigh) beat #16 Jonathan Schleifer (Princeton) by DEC 6 – 1

133 – #48 Eli Stickley (Wisconsin) beat #17 Josh Alber (Northern Iowa) by SV-1 8 – 6

285 – #37 Joey Goodhart (Drexel) beat #17 Doug Vollaro (Lehigh) by SV-1 3 – 1

184 – #113 Kyle Gentile (Lehigh) beat #18 Ian Baker (Princeton) by DEC 6 – 3

285 – #45 Jake McKiernan (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) beat #18 Brooks Black (Illinois) by DEC 6 – 0

174 – #44 Nick Reenan (North Carolina State) beat #19 Micah Barnes (Nebraska) by DEC 3 – 2

125 – #28 Steve Polakowski (Minnesota) beat #19 Austin Assad (Michigan) by DEC 6 – 4

Weekend Upsets with WrestleStat – Week 6 2016-2017

A little late to the party this week. I was trying to wait for the Cliff Keen and Journeymen Tussle results to get entered. Well, Cliff Keen is done, but I’m still working on Journeymen, but I wanted to get this out anyway since we’re already at the start of the next weekend of matchups.

Here’s a quick look at the upsets that occurred last weekend:

133 – #20 Scott Parker (Lehigh) beat #5 Jered Cortez (Penn State) by MD 12 – 4

125 – #18 Nick Suriano (Penn State) beat #7 Darian Cruz (Lehigh) by DEC 7 – 0

174 – #28 Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) beat #12 Zac Brunson (Illinois) by DEC 13 – 10

149 – #39 Jordan Laster (Princeton) beat #13 Matthew Cimato (Drexel) by DEC 5 – 3

141 – #113 Alexander Butler (Missouri) beat #16 Gabe Moreno (Iowa State) by DEC 8 – 6

141 – #82 Tyler Willers (Northern Iowa) beat #16 Gabe Moreno (Iowa State) by FALL 1:54

285 – #32 Nick Nevills (Penn State) beat #17 Doug Vollaro (Lehigh) by DEC 8 – 4

285 – #45 Jake McKiernan (Southern Illinois Edwardsville) beat #18 Brooks Black (Illinois) by DEC 6 – 0

149 – #67 Kyle Gliva (North Dakota State) beat #19 Chris Perez (Indiana) by DEC 5 – 2

WrestleStat Week 6 Dual Comparisons – 2016-2017

Last weekend saw lots of tournaments, while this weekend has many great dual matchups.

One of the “matches of the year” takes place today, which kicks off an exciting weekend of wrestling. Tonight, #4 Missouri travels to Columbus, OH to take on #6 Ohio State. The question here will be which wrestlers will be healthy for Missouri. OSU is moving on with the season after losing KeShawn Hayes for the season with an injury.

#5 Nebraska travels out to North Carolina where they’ll take on #15 North Carolina State and #28 North Carolina in back-to-back days.

On Saturday, the state of Iowa has their instate battle between #3 Iowa and #11 Iowa State. Iowa State has been struggling a little bit lately, while Iowa has lost Cory Clark for an unknown period of time with an injury. The Hawkeyes are still heavily favored here, but look for some good matchups to see how each team is coming along. Is Marinelli‘s shirt going to be removed yet?

There are two other good duals that will occur on Sunday, the first is #9 Wisconsin taking on #10 Northern Iowa, and also a Big Ten battle between #12 Michigan and #13 Minnesota.

Here’s the full list of dual comparisons for the weekend:

12/08 #6 Ohio State vs #4 Missouri

12/09 #15 North Carolina State vs #5 Nebraska

12/09 #7 Lehigh vs #24 Princeton

12/09 #22 Indiana vs #9 Wisconsin

12/09 #50 Michigan State vs #13 Minnesota

12/09 #32 Maryland vs #40 North Dakota State

12/09 #42 Navy vs #36 American

12/09 #71 George Mason vs #32 Maryland

12/09 #71 George Mason vs #40 North Dakota State

12/09 #45 Gardner-Webb vs #68 VMI

12/09 #59 Binghamton vs #70 Hofstra

12/10 #3 Iowa vs #11 Iowa State

12/10 #28 North Carolina vs #5 Nebraska

12/10 #24 Princeton vs #59 Binghamton

12/10 #31 Rider vs #54 Pennsylvania

12/10 #21 Drexel vs #65 Columbia

12/10 #47 Northwestern vs #62 Southern Illinois Edwardsville

12/10 #73 Boise State vs #43 Utah Valley

12/11 #9 Wisconsin vs #10 Northern Iowa

12/11 #12 Michigan vs #13 Minnesota

12/11 #7 Lehigh vs #21 Drexel

12/11 #32 Maryland vs #20 Rutgers

12/11 #52 Ohio vs #4 Missouri

12/11 #2 Penn State vs #59 Binghamton

12/11 #41 Eastern Michigan vs #22 Indiana

12/11 #25 Pittsburgh vs #51 West Virginia

12/11 #69 Cleveland State vs #22 Indiana

12/11 #41 Eastern Michigan vs #69 Cleveland State

12/11 #57 Buffalo vs #53 Kent State

12/14 #34 Appalachian State vs #46 Campbell

WrestleStat Week 5 Rankings – 2016-2017

Here are this weeks rankings. One thing to note, I was not able to get the Cliff Keen and Journeyman Tussle match results entered prior to the rankings running, so those are not included.

In individual rankings this week, I’ll make note of some of the big movers.
At 125, Nick Suriano of Penn State continues his impressive true freshman season and moves up another 11 spots after handling [last week’s] #5 Darian Cruz of Lehigh.
At 133 Scott Parker also moves up 11 spots after he knocked off #5 Jered Cortez of Penn State.
Taylor Lujan (174) of Northern Iowa moved up 7 spots after taking the title at his home schools open tournament which included a win over #12 Zac Brunson.

In Dual Rankings this week, there wasn’t much change at the top. Ohio State fell 3 spots which is directly attributed to the news of Keyshawn Hayes being out for the remainder of the season, down to #6. Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska all moved up 1 spot each as a result of that change. Rutgers dropped by 10 spots this week and it looks like the reason why is because Richie Lewis (#9 at 165) is no longer set as the starter.

In Tournament Rankings, this big mover here is Oregon State out west. They moved up 27 spots to slide in at #14.

Lastly, in our weekly Hodge Watch, there really are no significat changes here. Zain Retherford, Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder, and Jason Nolf still sit in the top 3. I don’t have a history/trend on this page, but I believe Gabe Dean and moved up a couple spots after he continues to bonus his way through the season.

One thing to note, I realeased an enhancement this week to the Dual Rankings pages. You are now able to see all of the wins and losses that comparised of the schools projected dual ranking record. Now you can see which teams a school won and lost to.

Individual Rankings:

Dual Rankings:

Tournament Rankings:

Hodge Watch: