WrestleStat Rankings – Week 12

Wrestler Rankings: http://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/wrestler
Our big mover in individual rankings this week comes from Brandon Paetzell who moved up 42 spots to finish at #31 at 125 pounds.

Dual Rankings: http://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/dual
Tournament Rankings: http://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/tournament

The major change in team rankings occurs after a big move by Penn State this weekend, their lead in the tournament rankings just got a little bigger. True freshman Mark Hall has had his redshirt removed at 174 pounds. The move gives Penn State an additional 12.95 points in the tournament ranking format which moves them well ahead of 2nd place Oklahoma State.

Statistical Rankings: http://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/statistical
Gabe Dean has increased his lead in the most falls on the season with 15. 2nd place is well back with 11, where two guys are tied, Colston DiBlasi and Logan Gruszka.

Hodge Watch: http://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/hodge

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