Final Regular Season WrestleStat Rankings! 2017 Season

Here are the final rankings of the regular season. I feel looking through them, the algorithm is getting a little better each and every year. There’s obviously still room for improvement, but I feel like it’s “working”.

Let me know any comments/questions you have about the process.

Here we go!

Wrestler Rankings:

There’s really only one significant move in the rankings this week. Bryant Clagon received an 18 point shift this week after majoring his way through the EWL Championships to close at 15.

Tournament Rankings:

Penn State remains in the top position, but Oklahoma State is gaining some ground after their ridiculous[ly good] Big 12 tournament showing. Ohio State, B1G champions remain at #3, while Iowa and Virginia Tech round out the top 5.

Dual Rankings:

Is anyone actually going to read this line?

Hodge Watch:

Definitely need work on this algorithm, because I feel Gabe Dean should be in the driver seat here, with Nolf and Retherford 2a/2b.

Statistical Rankings:

Gabe Dean continues to poor on the Falls with 20 while 2nd is Retherford with 16.

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