WrestleStat Rankings – Week 12 – 2018

I know the question is going to be brought up, so I’ll try and explain what the algorithm is doing here, regarding Tomasello/Lee’s ranking.

Spencer Lee’s EloRank was 1434.43 prior to beating Tomasello, while Nathan’s was 1576.86. Their rankings afterward are 1476.28, and 1565.96 respectively. So Lee’s goes up by 41 points, while Tomasello’s drops by about 10. So just because the head-to-head rankings don’t reflect what just happened, you can see that both wrestlers EloRank values were changed accordingly. Tomasello’s ranking is still higher because he has a MUCH LARGER body of work.

Big Mover this week!
#15 Jason Renteria at 133 pounds. He moves up 141 spots after his impressive start to his college career. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/49208/renteria-jason/profile

Wrestler Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/wrestler

Dual Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/dual

Tournament Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/tournament

Statistical Rankings: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/statistical

Hodge Watch: https://www.wrestlestat.com/rankings/hodge

(Create your own rankings) Tournament Projection Tool: https://www.wrestlestat.com/tourney/projection

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