Apparently, a lot of wrestling fans were watching

Since you’re here, you know that #1 Penn State “upset” #2 Ohio State. Judging by the traffic on, there were quite a few fans interested in this event.

To give some perspective…

WrestleStat is growing by multiple magnitudes each season, but tonight’s event ranks WAY up there in terms of traffic per hour on the site. The PSU vs OSU comes in at #13 all time. Well, that doesn’t sound all that great, but let’s look at what it’s behind:

#1 March 18th, 2017 during the 9:00pm central hour

#2 ….. #12 2017 NCAA Wrestling Championships….the next top 11 hours in the HISTORY of the website.

#13 Feb 3, 2018 PSU vs OSU during the 8:00pm central hour (9 eastern)

#14 ….. #19 2017 NCAA Wrestling Championships

That’s pretty impressive Penn State fans!

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