The WrestleStat team is growing!

I’m happy to announce that as of yesterday, February 27th, 2018, the WrestleStat team has literally DOUBLED in size. It is now a team of TWO people! The Rutgers fan known as “Obrats” is now an official member/partner of WrestleStat.

Since the start of WrestleStat, which was just over four years ago this month, he’s been the one user that has continually been on this site, making updates, additions and corrections. At the start of the second season (2014-2015 season), he approached me about what more he could do to help the site out as much as he could. From there, he’s taken control over the integrity of the data on the site, which has improved DRASTICALLY over the years, all because of him.

So, I’d just like to thank him for the work that he’s put into this website, and everyone else should too as well because it would NOT be as good as it is without him, thank you Obrats!

Greg Anderson

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