How can WrestleStat work for you?

It’s no secret that wrestling information has been hard to come by in the past. There wasn’t very much information out there, and when you did find it, it was VERY cumbersome to consolidate it together to get anything meaningful.

That’s [one of] the reasons/problems as to why I started the website. Develop an automated process to do all of these different consolidations of data to display in a meaningful, and friendly manner to the user. Any time I got an idea in my head about how to view some data, or reading through message boards about the “struggles” that fans have/had in trying to research the data to analyze it in a different way, I’d go off and automate the process to make it easy for fans.

All along, the ultimate goal has been to provide as much information as possible to fans, media, [and wrestlers and coaches] as well.

Obviously, the most popular part of the website has been the comparison feature [and common opponents]. Another feature that hasn’t been used to much is the tournament participants feature (both team and wrestler participants), until today.

Our friends over at Black Shoe Diaries put an article out today that utilizes the participants feature of the website. This is a PERFECT example of how I envision stuff/pages to be used. They provide a breakdown of the different [possible] participants, weight-by-weight, for an upcoming tournament that Penn State will be participating in this weekend.

I really appreciate everyone at BSD for publishing an article like this, pointing out the advantages to the WrestleStat website, and how the data can be used.

I want to thank JP Pearson, and BSD, for the mention and utilizing WrestleStat for all of it’s power and possibilities.

Here’s a link to the article that utilizes the participants feature:


NOTE: There are going to be enhancements to the wrestler participants feature in the next few weeks to more accurately project the participants in a tournament. Specifically, if the tournament is not on the school’s official schedule, then most-likely there won’t be starters participating, therefore the participants page should be showing the non-starters as [possibly] participating.

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