New Feature in WrestleStat – Prediction Results!

I finally got some time to finish up a feature where you can see the results of the prediction.

On the Box Score page for duals, you can now see the results of the prediction engine for each of the 10 match results, right below the actual result. It will also show a result status of a green checkmark if the engine correctly predicted a win (regardless of win type), or a red “x” if it predicted a win but the result was a loss.

Couple other things to note:
1) Both wrestlers/schools must be in the same Division
2) Must be a valid win type, ie: DEC, MD, TF, FALL, SV-X, TB-X
3) The predicted result was calculated AS OF 1 DAY PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL MATCH

This will give everyone the opportunity to see, at a quick glance, how the prediction engine performs.

Linked below is the “Recent Duals” page where you can check out as many results as you want. You can also go back to prior seasons by going to a schools profile page for X season, then clicking the “Schedule” tab from there (though you have to be logged in to view other seasons’ profiles).

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