Big 12 Tournament 1st Round Comparisons

*These are subject to change…


#8 Sidney Flores (Air Force) vs Mitch Brown (Utah Valley) |
#4 Rico Montoya (Northern Colorado) vs Devin Brown (West Virginia) |
#3 Jacob Schwarm (Northern Iowa) vs Robert Garcia (Fresno State) |
#2 Brent Fleetwood (North Dakota State) vs Greg Coapstick (South Dakota State) |


#1 Daton Fix (Oklahoma State) vs Rylee Molitor (South Dakota State) |
#4 Matt Schmitt (West Virginia) vs Sean Cannon (Northern Colorado) |
#6 Anthony Madrigal (Oklahoma) vs Isaiah Delgado (Utah Valley) |
#7 John Twomey (Air Force) vs Jack Skudlarczyk (Northern Iowa) |


#1 Josh Alber (Northern Iowa) vs Chris Sandoval (Northern Colorado) |
#5 Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State) vs Aric Williams (South Dakota State) |
#6 Sam Turner (Wyoming) vs Caleb Rea (West Virginia) |
#7 Garrett O’Shea (Air Force) vs Sawyer Degen (North Dakota State) |


#1 Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State) vs Alec Opsal (Air Force) |
#5 Khristian Olivas (Fresno State) vs Dante Rodriguez (Northern Colorado) |
#6 Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) vs Matthew Ontiveros (Utah Valley) |
#2 Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) vs Jaron Jensen (Wyoming) |


#8 Colten Carlson (South Dakota State) vs Grant LaMont (Utah Valley) |
#4 Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma State) vs Kyler Rea (West Virginia) |
#3 Chase Straw (Iowa State) vs Paden Moore (Northern Iowa) |
#7 Alex Mossing (Air Force) vs Jordan Robison (Northern Colorado) |


#8 Joe Smith (Oklahoma State) vs US Logan Schumacher (Iowa State) |
#5 Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) vs US Macoy Flanagan (Northern Colorado) |
#6 Isaiah Hokit Isaiah Hokit (Fresno State) vs US Jacoby Ward (Air Force) |
#7 Jeremy Thomas (Oklahoma) vs US Logan Peterson (South Dakota State) |


#8 Dominic Kincaid (Fresno State) vs Seth Bogulski (Northern Colorado) |
#5 Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) vs Samuel Grove (South Dakota State) |
#6 Lorenzo De La Riva (North Dakota State) vs Randy Meneweather (Air Force) |
#7 Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma) vs James Wujeck (West Virginia) |


#1 Sammy Colbray (Iowa State) vs Jake Thompson (Air Force) |
#5 Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State) vs Tucker Nadeau (West Virginia) |
#6 Will Sumner (Utah Valley) vs Dalton Robertson (Northern Colorado) |
#7 Zach Carlson (South Dakota State) vs Michael Otomo (North Dakota State) |


#1 Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) vs Izaak Shedenhelm (Northern Iowa) |
#4 Tanner Orndorff (Utah Valley) vs Martin Mueller (South Dakota State) |
#6 Noah Adams (West Virginia) vs Cordell Eaton (North Dakota State) |
#2 Willie Miklus (Iowa State) vs Anthony McLaughlin (Air Force) |


#1 Derek White (Oklahoma State) vs Jake Boyd (Oklahoma) |
#5 Brian Andrews (Wyoming) vs Robert Winters (Northern Colorado) |
#6 Carter Isley (Northern Iowa) vs Brandon Metz (North Dakota State) |
#7 Brandon Ngati (West Virginia) vs Blake Wolters (South Dakota State) |


NOTE: 165 was updated since Joe Smith replaced Chandler Rogers (both of Oklahoma State)

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