FCW – Fantasy College Wrestling

Hello WrestleStat Friends

You are getting a sneak peak at our Fantasy College Wrestling page, the latest addition to WrestleStat.com.  At this point we just ask that you play around with setting up a league and going through a draft. After the draft you can propose trades with other members, or add and drop wrestlers via Free Agency.  Remember you are only testing the system don’t worry about making trades that are amicable. The league you set up now will NOT come over when we go live with the FCW system.

We purposely did not give you rules or instructions as to how this works because we want to see how user friendly it is now and how hard it might be to figure out.  I assure you we will have rules well before we go live. Also you will not find how the scoring works or anything like that at this point. At this point we just want you to test setting up a league and going through the draft process.  You can also join any league that others have set up that don’t require a password.

After setting up a league you can invite others to join your league or just go ahead and click “Fill With SIM Users” to get you to 10 league members (at this time we are set up for 10 team leagues).  Our system will draft for any non “real” players. That is the only instructions I am going to give you at this time.

We really want to get your feedback so please email us as many times as you would like, please send all emails to [email protected].  This is a work in process and we are planning on your feedback and implementing changes that our users recommend.


Thank you,

Greg and Dan

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