FCW Updates and Notes


Hello WrestleStat Friends

First thank you to everyone that has helped us with the testing of the draft system for the upcoming FCW season.  Your feedback is valuable and much appreciated.

If you have completed a draft and go into your league home page you will see a few tabs.  If you click the “Schedule” tab you will see your teams weekly match-ups. From there if you click “View” you get a detailed view of that weeks match-up.  You will see projected points (though a very crude formula is being used right now), and how many duals and tournaments your wrestlers team is scheduled to wrestle that week. There will be changes/additions to the information displayed on this page, but it’s just a starting point to get something out there.  And if you are like me, you would have seen that you didn’t have a full roster starting for the week. If that is the case, you can click “Home” and “Update Roster” and make any changes you wish to. Obviously there have not been many schedules released yet but as they are released and we update them to WrestleStat, projected points will change.

Remember these leagues you drafted are only beta and they will be cleared out before we go live closer to the season so play with the trade function and don’t worry if a trade isn’t equitable, we just want to make sure the process works.  And there is still time to set up additional leagues and do more drafts. We have drafts happening everyday it seems. Click the link to go to our draft page FCW Draft Page if you don’t have a registered account you can set one up for free.

If you drafted a league and you were the only “live” player we may have purged your league just to clean up the number of leagues we see on our end.  If that is the case, you can start a new league or join one that is open to the public and draft a new team.

Also we are finalizing how the scoring will work as we are talking with many wrestling fans getting their input and sharing our thoughts.  We would like to have that out to everyone by the end of August.

Thank you,

Greg and Dan