CKLV Quarterfinal Matchups and Comparisons

Jack Mueller vs Pat McKee |

Michael DeAugustino vs Jack Medley |

Devin Schroder vs Brandon Courtney |

Alex Thomsen vs Alex Mackall |

Chaz Tucker vs Collin Gerardi |

Dylan Koontz vs Jarrett Trombley |

Ridge Lovett vs Louie Hayes |

Tim Rooney vs Montorie Bridges |

Luke Pletcher vs Cole Mattin |

Tariq Wilson vs Chad Red |

Mitch McKee vs Ian Parker |

Mitch Moore vs Dom Demas |

Max Thomsen vs Yahya Thomas |

Brayton Lee vs Brock Zacherl |

Griffin Parriott vs Sammy Sasso |

Collin Purinton vs Jarrett Degen |

Hayden Hidlay vs Peyton Robb |

Justin McCoy vs Kendall Coleman |

David Carr vs Justin Thomas |

Jacori Teemer vs Ryan Deakin |

Isaiah White vs Bailee O’Reilly |

Thomas Bullard vs Ethan Smith |

Andrew Fogarty vs Phillip Conigliaro |

Emil Soehnlen vs Josh Shields |

Bryce Steiert vs Jackson Hemauer |

Marcus Coleman vs Anthony Valencia |

Dylan Lydy vs Anthony Mantanona |

Kaleb Romero vs Mikey Labriola |

Zahid Valencia vs Sammy Colbray |

Taylor Venz vs Louie DePrez |

Trent Hidlay vs Owen Webster |

Hunter Bolen vs Taylor Lujan |

Kollin Moore vs Kordell Norfleet |

Thomas Lane vs Eric Schultz |

Tanner Sloan vs Jake Woodley |

Christian Brunner vs Jay Aiello |

Mason Parris vs Carter Isley |

Christian Lance vs Randy Gonzalez |

Tanner Hall vs Brian Andrews |

Gannon Gremmel vs T Orndorff |

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