WrestleStat Introduces Twitter auto-comparisons!

So usually once per season, it seems like a “fun” feature pops into my head that I want to get implemented into the site. These haven’t always been the hit that I projected or anticipated, but others have.

Here’s a short list of what I’ve done in seasons past:

  • YouTube links for individual match videos
  • Tourney Projection Tool where you can pick the top 12 placements at each weight to see who’d win Nationals
  • National Tournament results, both team and individual wrestlers
  • Blog Posts and Podcasts RSS feeds

Well, my fun project popped into my head a little earlier this year. Just took me a couple days, but this is a huge milestone for what I have planned for a lot of this code in the future.

If you are a Twitter user and follow duals or tournaments via twitter (like I do) while also watching, then this is going to be HUGE for you.

So, here it is!!!

You can now AUTOMATICALLY generate wrestler comparisons via twitter, only by specifying a hashtag (#).

For example:

Up next on mat 6 will be Kennedy Monday vs Ryan Deakin


Some notes on the colors and how it works:

  1. In green above, the hashtag #WSCompare is REQUIRED for this to work
  2. In blue above, there needs to be a comparison “indicator”, other words like “vs”, “compare”, are valid. If other variations/words start coming through, I’ll optimze the algorithm to accommodate
  3. In red above, there needs to be a wrestler to the left and right of the comparison indicator

THAT’S IT! And in a few seconds, WrestleStat will tweet (RT with comment) the wrestler comparison link for these two wrestlers.

Now, there are some VERY strict parameters in this process to ensure as close to 100% accuracy as I can; so don’t be surprised if there isn’t a follow-up RT with the link. It just means we may have only been 98% sure, therefore we don’t want to post/tweet at all.

I will continue to monitor the progress and success rate of this process so I can continually improve everything.

Hope everyone enjoys this, and incorporates the #WSCompare hash tag in their twitter posts during tournaments and duals!!

Greg & Dan

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