WrestleStat Rankings | Week 14 2020

There were some shakeups in the rankings this week, but probably not the ones that everyone was wanting/expecting.

Mark Hall is still #1 at 174 because he had a sizable lead to begin with (aka stellar career), RBY did NOT flip-flop with DeSanto, although his ELO rating DID jump considerably, and Cassioppi is still ranked #4 at heavyweight (behind 4-loss Stencel).

Some wrestlers that DID move up in the rankings after some big wins: 165 Zach Hartman moved up 5 spots to #9 after his FALL over #13 Kennedy Monday, 184 Aaron Brooks moved up 4 spots to #6 after his big win over #7 Abe Assad, and Rocky Jordan moved up 12 spots to #13 following his win over Taylor Venz of Nebraska.

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