NEW for 2020 | Tournament Scoring and Leaderboard!

The primary critique of the #TourneyPool fantasy system on WrestleStat the last few years has undoubtedly been the absence of minimum placement points.

The last few weeks, this has been my primary focus, and I’ve finally completed it. #TourneyPool WILL have minimum placement points this season!

As a result of having the minimum placement points, that means that WrestleStat now has the ability to keep track of the [team] leaderboard for the respective conference or National tournament. So, WrestleStat will have Team standings for conference* and National tournaments this season!

Here are some examples of what it’s going to look like. There will be the primary leaderboard displaying the team standings, as well as an overview of the leading point-getters per team:


At the right you can see the “View Summary” button, which will give a breakdown of the results for that specific team in the tournament, here’s what that will look like:


(Please ignore the completely inaccurate advancement, bonus, and placement values….this was just for testing).

Even though these leaderboards and summaries are a result of having the #TourneyPool fantasy system, the leaderboards will be available to EVERYONE on WrestleStat, you do NOT need to be in a #TourneyPool group just to see these.

We want these tournament leaderboards to be as easy and convenient as possible for the fans.

Thank you everyone, hope to see all of you sign up for #TourneyPool this year too….and it’s still FREE!

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