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Hey Wrestling fans, the final major enhancement to WrestleStat this season is finally complete; thanks to Dan (obrats) for the idea!

Tourney Central is a new feature to help give fans, media, wrestlers, and coaches more information about their upcoming conference and National tournaments. It provides a number of key data points about the wrestlers expected to be competing at their respective tournaments, and weights. That list includes:

  • RPI – WrestleStat has attempted to re-create the algorithm used by NCAA, it’s not correct, but “close”
  • Unofficial RPI – the official RPI is based on a 15-match minimum, the “unofficial” version changes the minimum to 5 matches so users can see where they MAY slot in, once/if they reach the 15-match minimum
  • Coaches Rank – this is the official coaches ranking that was released late last week
  • Record (season)
  • Filtered Record – this is the record vs JUST the starters expected to participate in the upcoming conference/National tournament
  • Summary – this highlights the 5 best wins, and the 3 bad losses vs the wrestlers for the tournament
  • Comparisons – context-aware comparison buttons for each wrestler to quickly pull up, without having to go through finding each wrestler from the traditional comparison pages

Here’s a look at Anthony Cassioppi’s overview:


There’s a page available for each of the upcoming conference tournaments. And once the NCAA Championships participants are determined, there will be an equivalent page available for that.

Below is a link to the B1G Championships overview, but all of these pages can be accessed via WrestleStat’s homepage.



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