WrestleStat’s TourneyPool is now OPEN!

We are back for another year of WrestleStat’s Tourney Pool bracket challenge. All of the rules are EXACTLY the same as previous years. This year, though, have 1 major enhancement, as well as the last remaining bug has been fixed.

Our big enhancement this season is the conversion of incorporating minimum placement points, instead of doing JUST placement points for each wrestler. In all previous seasons, we would not apply the placement points for a wrestler until they were COMPLETELY done with competition in the tournament.  This caused a lot of confusion for fans when checking their leaderboards during semifinals, or finals. Using the minimum placement points model, WrestleStat should be up-to-date.

This coming weekend, the B1G Championships, as well as the NCAA Championships will both be scored using the minimum placement points model. All other tournaments will be scored with the old placement points model, mostly because results will not be entered until the following day(s).

Also for the B1G Championships, since WrestleStat was able to acquire media credentials for this event, we will be able to do LIVE scoring! This means that after each and every match, WrestleStat’s Tourney Pool leaderboards will get updated ASAP, as well as the real leaderboards that will be available once the tournament begins.

For the NCAA Championships, since we don’t have credentials, those will continue to be entered and scored after each session is completed. It usually takes us about 1 hour after the completion of each session to get those results updated. Although, there’s a very good chance that once competition gets to session 4, we may be able to start doing live scoring since there will be so few matches going on at the same time.

Finally, regarding the bug that has been fixed. Last year, on the day of Nationals, users were able to create and join groups all the way up to the 11:00am start time, but they were NOT able to submit their picks after 10:00am. This was a bug related to daylight savings time. All of this has been fixed, and is ready to go.

Don’t forget, all of Tourney Pool is a free feature provided by WrestleStat. Invite all of your family and friends to take part; another way to stay involved in the tournament other than just rooting for your favorite team and/or wrestlers.


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